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About Us

Our Committee

Meet the New Park Village Committee

Here are all our current Board and Committee Members along with their positions.

For more information about the board, including joining yourself, please contact us.

Our Board Members

Aimi Lampart-McKen


Simone Clift

Vice Chair

Sarah Stone


Donna Booth


Our Committee Members

Trevor Mason

Committee Member

Esther Gogo-Hassan

Committee Member

Jacqueline Chambers

Committee Member

Mark Johnson

Committee Member

Linda Theophane

Committee Member

Rihanna Robinson

Committee Member

Julie Hookey

Committee Member

Janine Harris

Committee Member

Juanita Huntington

Committee Member

Valerie McKean

Committee Member

Rohan Cummings

Committee Member
Our Staff

Meet the New Park Village Staff

Here are the members of staff that we employ and their role within the organisation.

If you have any queries or wish to contact a member of staff please contact us.

Karen Rogers

Chief Officer

Andrew Edmunds

Housing Manager

Aimee Merricks

Housing Assistant/Cashier

Popee Gordon


Steve Andrews

Maintenance Operative

Sylvia Wiley

Office Cleaner
What we do

Our Services

Any TMO will enter into a formal legal contract with the landlord of the home. This is known as the management agreement. It details which services the TMO manage on behalf of the landlord.

Take a look at the service provided by New Park Village.

Our Services