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Repairs Satisfaction Survey

We are currently reviewing our repairs feedback and we would love to hear our tenants voice on the service they’ve received. If you want to leave feedback for a repair you have received and to make any comments, please do so here.

Leave your repair feedback

Tenant Responsibility

The following repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. These are mostly minor repairs that are not due to fair wear and tear.

If you are unable to complete the repair yourself, we can complete the repairs on your behalf, for a charge.

Tenants should keep their homes in good condition. This includes looking after the garden and maintaining the interior decoration.

We will charge for any repairs resulting from damage through neglect or carelessness to the tenant. This includes damage made by a tenant, a member of the tenant's household, lodgers or visitors.

  • Reglazing windows and doors
  • Broken or damaged doors
  • Lock changes if you lose your keys. This is usually charged at £68 per lock. We provide 2 keys following the lock change.
  • Replacing lost keys and the cost of re-entry if you get locked out. You can buy extra blank keys for £5 from the New Park Village office on Ellerton Walk
  • Clearing blockages in toilets or waste pipes
  • Replacing fuses and electric plugs
  • Replacing plugs and chains to waste pipes
  • Cleaning of chimneys
  • Replacing the clothes line or rotary drier
  • Maintaining the gardens and clearing rubbish
  • The removal and maintenance of trees
  • Any repairs to installations or improvements made by the tenant
  • Internal redecoration
  • Battery operated smoke alarms (for issues with wired smoke alarms please contact New Park Village TMO)
  • Toilet seats
  • Any other damage caused deliberately or maliciously and not considered reasonable wear and tear

General Repairs

We will maintain most general repairs. But, if the repair you need isn’t listed above please Contact Us.

Who to Contact

Emergency Repairs (During Office Hours)

During office hours, you should report all Emergency Repairs to us by phone on 01902 552 670. This ensures the most efficient and rapid response time.

Emergency Repairs (Out Of Office Hours)

When the office is closed, please call 01902 552 999 which will take you through to our Out Of Hours service.

Gas Repairs

Gas repairs are the responsibility of the Council.

For any issues with your gas boiler or the associated system call 01902 556 789 and follow the prompts.

You will still need to pay a call-out charge if you don't keep your agreed appointment with the gas repair team.


Have a problem with pests? Call the Council on 01902 551 155 and follow the prompts.

Some pests are the responsibility of the tenants, not the Council or its Managing Agent. You can find which pests the Council will deal with on their Pest Control web page.

Bulky Waste Collection

If you want to use the Council's bulky waste removal scheme call 01902 551 155 and follow the prompts.

Or you can go to the Council's Bulky Waste collection page for prices, to book online or alternative methods to dispose of your bulky waste.

Fly Tipping

If you are experiencing issues with fly-tipping, you can report it to us on 01902 552 670.

Or, report it to the Council by completing their fly tipping report form.

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Any TMO will enter into a formal legal contract with the landlord of the home. This is known as the management agreement. It details which services the TMO manage on behalf of the landlord.

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